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07/22/2011 6:46am

I have had alot of massages over the years and all over the world and Megan is the best I ever had. She really knows her stuff. I have a problem with my leg and it gets to the point that I can't walk or sit and not be in pain. An hour with Megan and I am good for months. Give her a try, you won't be sorry you did. Then tell you friends you found the best massage therapist.


07/22/2011 9:55am

I have been going to Megan for about six months. I have a very large 9 month old and carrying him around does a number on my back. Megan gets me moving (and lifting) pain free in an hour. She is very professional and she knows what she's doing.

07/22/2011 3:34pm

I have had massages all over the country and no one compares to what Megan can do. I have never experienced the after effects compared to when I go to her. The results stay with you for days not hours. She creates a relaxed environment and is very professional. Go see Megan for yourself. Then tell your friends.

Dennis II
07/22/2011 6:19pm

I got my first massage just a few months ago when I hurt my back. I got my second a few weeks ago for a 'me' day, and I can't wait to see Megan again. I feel 100% comfortable and satisfied.

07/22/2011 10:14pm

I was one of Megan's classmates in massage school. Her massage was amazing when we first started school and has only grown to be one of the best massages I have received. Having had body work from multiple therapists Megan is one of my top picks for a massage. She has an amazing hands on touch! Cannot wait for her to come visit so I can get another massage!!!

Doug Johnson
11/23/2011 10:38pm

Megan combines her unique style and delivers a personal, comprehensive massage -- by integrating many different massage techniques tailored for your body and body type. As a result, you receive one of the best massages I've ever experienced locally. Her desire to fully concentrate on the patient and her dedication to the "art of healing", makes her massage experience for the client wonderful! She IS the Best in Indy! Schedule an appointment today -- your body deserves it.

01/14/2012 2:21pm

Megan provided a fantastic full-body massage including deep-tissue therapy. I was impressed by an ability to feel problem spots I didn't know existed. Since having neck surgery I've had a few sessions from others for relief from pain and stiffness, yet Megan's knowledge, skill and advice combined to give me the most beneficial experience ever.

Gary K. Pino
03/16/2012 9:13pm

I recently purchased a massage offer through Living Social, and am pleased to say that I have been blessed by finding a "diamond in the rough" massage therapist ~ Megan Garrison! I echo the many comprehensive and complimentary reviews that Megan has received on her website. In addition to the awesome skills and talents she posseses as a massage therapist, she has a personality and professional massage table manner to match. Having received many massages in the past, I have never had such a soothing and relaxing massage from anyone else as wonderful as Megan! Her massage techniques, caring attitude and warm hospitality make me feel so comfortable that I have completely fallen asleep on the massage table and have even drifted off to "la-la" land. It gives me great pleasure and pride to recommend Megan for your next massage, as you will be completely satisfied with the tranquil experience - I guarantee it. Thanks for advertising your services, Megan, as I can honestly say that I have truly found the best massage therapist! To your future massage customers, sweet dreams ...

04/05/2012 3:07pm

I found Megan after Googling massage and I found that Megan is one who really knows her stuff! She can tell you what muscles she is massaging by name. After a massage with Megan, I was able to feel the blood circulating through my body again. I became totally relaxed on the table and a sense of well being came over me.
I highly recommend Megan for your next massage.

07/07/2012 7:24pm

I didn't want a "fluff" massage ... I needed help with a couple areas that tend to bother me from time to time. Megan was able to pinpoint those areas, tell me the source of the pain and what she could do to rememdy the situation. Wonderful ... I'm in! I signed up for a package and can't wait to see what the future brings.

Carie Hutnicke
07/12/2012 3:40am

I am 56 years old and have always worked out. When I turned 50, I had trouble jogging due to hip issues. I have seen doctors and therapists to help with this problem, and was still not able to jog. Megan has taken care of my issues and I am jogging again and my body feels fantastic. She has so much knowledge and I only see her once a month now. Thank you Megan!

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